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Evaluate the current state of your Customer Success / Service organization,

focusing on four components:

Business People Talking

1) People

 Review team structures, required skill sets, level of employee engagement, programs for employee training and growth, employee onboarding programs and overall team culture.

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2) process

Review all processes in place relating to the customer journey, from sales handoff to customer advocacy.

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3) technology

Review the tools in place and how effectively they are being utilized. 


4) data

Review KPIs and how they are being measured and monitored as well as how the data is captured and the number of data sources used.


Do you know your organization’s core issues but are unsure how to solve them? 

Let me help you assess your current situation and develop a plan to overcome those challenges. You don’t have to do this alone.  


I can develop both short term and long term strategies for your customer success organization by identifying key themes and initiatives that relate to those themes.  In developing the plan, I look at the same four components as I do when I evaluate your current state.  Below are some examples of what I may be included in the plan I develop:

Job Interview

1) People

Employee onboarding, employee enablement, employee engagement, hiring strategies, organization structures.

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2) process

Process redesign, process development, process elimination.

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3) technology

Technology implementation, technology integration, workflow automation.

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4) data

Key performance indicators (KPI), data governance, data architecture, analytics and reporting.


Are you ready to launch an initiative that requires focused attention to drive it to completion? Often, the people on your teams are already heads down sprinting and trying to keep up.  Once you’ve identified the programs you want to launch, I can help you execute on these to ensure they are completed within the timeframes you require. 


I can be your extra set of hands for project management, change management, customer journey mapping, business process design, customer service training, data analytics, data architecture, CRM implementations, customization, and more!


Julie Bevacqua


Rise People

Farhan has an extraordinary ability to plan his customer strategy and roll it out with the power and confidence of a motivational speaker. He always makes decisions through a customer lens, with an authentic passion to delight his customers. He listens with intent, engages others to realize their goals, respects every stakeholder in the room and is able to have some fun in the process. 

Salman Hameed.jfif

Salman Hameed

Director, Business Intelligence


Farhan had a huge hand in scaling our BI team and operations.  He helped with all aspects of our growth, including our hiring practices, employee onboarding and enablement, how we use our tools to drive efficiencies in our work, and most importantly, he helped design and re-design many of the processes our teams use to work with each other and our customers.  Another area Farhan helped tremendously was putting into practice programs to improve the overall culture within our team.

Jennifer Kelley.jfif

Jennifer Kelley

Vice President, Customer Success,


I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Farhan during a time of high growth at an analytics startup in Vancouver.  With a calm and approachable Executive presence, Farhan is a truly positive force, taking genuine interest in others’ careers and success.  He set up structures and processes in our operations— whether it was reports, workflows, practices or approaches-- that are still in use and highly valued today in our organization. 

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