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With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry,  I have helped enhance the customer experience with many organizations like (Visier - leader in People Analytics, and Rise People).  I have successfully built the customer success team from the ground up at a startup serving large enterprise customers and rebuilt another customer facing department at another startup serving small-to-medium customers.  In both organizations, the teams I built and managed included Delivery Services (Customer Onboarding), Customer Support, Customer Success, Customer Enablement (Training), and Operations.


I started my career as a software developer on a professional services team working with enterprise customers to implement their solutions.  I spent time working on large scale projects that would span 12-18 months where it required a great deal of complex problem solving.  In 2003, I found a new passion - managing projects that helped drive the business forward, working on projects that brought together teams from engineering, marketing, operations, and customer experience.

In this capacity, I realized my passion was finding ways to make the lives of others better, and through these projects I was able to facilitate improvements in the technology their customers were using, internal processes for the teams I worked alongside, and colleagues' careers through informal mentorship relationships. In 2006, I joined my first startup and got to play an integral role in helping to shape the future of the business, primarily building the customer facing teams. In that experience,I took on new challenges of leading a team of five senior resources and growing it to over 65 people and four departments, managing an exponential growth in their customer base as well.  


My approach has always been to be collaborative and to be data driven.  Being around data from the beginning of my career has taught me the importance of having good data that answers questions that are not always asked. My passion for continuous improvement led me to learn about the LEAN philosophy and apply those principles throughout my career.


As a father of two, my new found passion is understanding human behavior, the decisions we make, and how communication plays a pivotal role in how we raise successful humans. 

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Mary - Jane Alexander

Director, Customer Support


Farhan has had first hand experience in helping to build customer facing teams with the intent to create the best customer experience.   He has excellent skills to interact at various organizational levels, the ability to remain calm in times of crisis, be thoughtful, is analytically minded, and most importantly he’s very easy to work with.  When I work with Farhan I know he's got my back at all times.


Brent Christie,

Director, Client Services

Rise People

I was very impressed with Farhan's ability to get projects done. We, as a team, have had many discussions about what we would like to accomplish but day to day activities often got in the way. Farhan was able to develop strategy within his first 30 days and created a culture of execution to ensure we remained on track.

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